Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum
Rotterdam [NL]

Project description:
The exhibition 'Zing!' is a historical and contemporary look at primary school song and music lessons in the Netherlands.
I was asked to design different and engaging interfaces to explore an existing database of children's songs.
This page documents my contribution to the exhibition: two installations that visitors could play with to explore the collection of children's song recordings.

Instruments installation:
An installation comprised of hanging instruments (a xylophone, a wood block, a triangle, a tambourine) and a microphone. A simple interaction: the children's song play through the headphones if the instrument is played. If the visitor stops playing the instrument, the song stops playing.

Radio installation
The radio could be tuned to different songs that were broadcasted on various frequencies alongside regular radio channels. By exploring the FM band one could find the children's songs.

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Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum

Electronic Design:
Schrikdraad Elektronisch Ontwerp


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